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Let us help you make a match before it is too late!

The vision of iPAW is to provide funds for refuge for special needs pets and to be a financial and educational resource for all animal lovers. iPAW aims to improve the quality of life and longevity of animals as well as decreasing the occurence of unwarranted euthanasia.  A collective effort by integrating people with similar mind sets will be most effective at accomplishing this goal. Our intent is to bring together benefactors and caregivers, to nurture this relationship, and to support the effort to provide for this earth's innocent animals!


Make the Match on Earth Before They Go to Heaven!

How You Can Help

iPAW was developed to bring like-minded souls together who love animals and are willing to donate their special skills, services, time, or funds to this cause. 


Participation is open to any animal lover!

Do you have a particular  interest in the integrative modalities of animal care?

Do you wish to support animal care personnel in their journey towards the best philosophy and practice of animal care in the world?


This is the place for you to make an impact!

Treat Your Pet Special
and Support iPAW


Portion of profits from every purchase given to iPAW to help pets in need!


Join Our Mailing List!


​Every Penny Counts
Every penny counts to help special  animals avoid euthanasia and get the help they need. 
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