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Saving Sadie


At the end of April of 2012, I went to an animal shelter to donate blankets when I caught a glimpse of a very cute dog as I was walking out. I asked the volunteer what the dog’s story was, and she told me that “Sadie” had just been brought up from Kentucky.  Someone had found her in the mountains where, after having a litter of puppies, she was shot between the eyes and in the back and left for dead.  After a series of unknown events, she was then driven up to a no-kill animal shelter to live out her life.  But that very day, I scooped her up and took her to a few doctors who gave Sadie a grim prognosis.  Sadie was urinary and fecally incontinent and paralyzed.  I was advised to do the kind thing………but the next day, I took her to Dr. Jodie at the Animal Doctor who said that we should give Sadie a second chance and so we did.  Sadie had the bullet removed from between her eyes on June 4th along with a cyst from her tail.  The bullet and shrapnel in her back are too deeply embedded to remove.  After recuperating from surgery for a few weeks, Sadie’s rehabilitation started in earnest.  Sadie receives daily exercises, along with swimming, acupuncture, aqua puncture, laser treatments, chiropractic, e-stim therapy, Power Plate therapy, and many other forms of exercise. She is no longer urinary or fecally incontinent!  Her treatments are ongoing and her prognosis is unknown although she continues to make progress every day.  Sadie is a very happy, healthy dog who shows no evidence of remembering her past.  I have fallen deeply in love with her and once you meet her, you will too!



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