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​How Can You Get Involved? 

We come from all walks of life. Some of us work with children and choose to educate children to treat animals with love and respect. We also use pets to break through the anxious minds of troubled children. We know that pets who benefit humans can set an example and enhance the human animal bond, which then benefits the status and acceptance of all animals. Some of us are animal behaviorists who work with families who own destructive or aggressive dogs or cats. We are dog trainers who are on the front lines to prevent the development of behavioral problems in newly adopted or purchased puppies. We are holistic veterinarians who are responsible for the diagnostic and treatment plans to manage acute and chronic disorders, with the hope to provide for a good quality and longevity of life for all companion animals who cross our paths. We are specially-focused practitioners who utilize natural nutrition, acupuncture, laser therapy, whole food supplements, herbals and other alternative modalities to manage some of the most difficult disorders of which conventional care has been shown to be inadequate. Some integrative professionals use their human treatment skills under veterinary supervision as an adjunct to veterinary care. These individuals may include, but are not limited to massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, chiropractors or veterinary spinal manipulative therapists, physical therapists, or certified rehabilitators. Pet groomers and animal communicators provide valuable services which are commonly needed to care for the chronically ill or aging pet.


Of course shelter owners, rescue workers, certified veterinary technicians, pet care assistants, kennel workers, lab animal researchers and even animal care facility receptionists are emotionally tortured by the plight of animals in need. These situations tug at the heart strings of all those who become a part of the story. These people share a common bond in that they love animals and would love to be a part of an intervention which saves lives.


What is Integrating People for Animal Wellness? We are people who love animals and possess skills or manage businesses which can benefit the cause to decrease the unwarranted euthanasia of animals.


The best of our group may be the stay at home moms or dads, working parents, business men and women who love animals and are willing to donate their special skills, services, time or funds to this cause.

​​Help make a difference and share your skills with the iPAW group!

iPAW was developed to bring like-minded souls together who love animals and are willing to donate their special skills, services, time, or funds to this cause. 


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