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Integrating People for Animal Wellness


The vision of iPAW is to decrease the unwarranted euthanasia of dogs and cats. We propose to do this by several means. It is our hope that a collective effort by integrative professionals with similar mindsets will be most effective at accomplishing this goal. 


The road to euthanasia begins as a puppy or a kitten. Those of us who watch the life progression of companion animals observe the stages which lead to unwarranted euthanasia. This often begins with the lack of, or improper training of the pet parents. This leads to unruly, destructive pets and objectionable behavior.


Additionally, misinformation about pet nutrition, vaccination protocols and other “standard” dog and cat care has led to an increase in the chronic disease states we see onset at a very early age. Pets are merely surviving on pain management drugs much like their human counter parts. Loving pet parents believe this course is normal, and that there is no other option, unfortunately this ends with premature euthanasia. Integrative professionals can intervene with education and alternative recommendations and practices to stop this cycle.


Many animal-loving veterinarians have a difficult time euthanizing pets when asked to do so, if they believe there are alternative options. These veterinary facilities often pool their own resources to diagnose, treat, manage and even adopt the pets themselves. This “donation” of their time and financial reserves should be applauded, but can become burdensome for a practice trying to stay in business. Some pets they would like to help will invariably be euthanized due to lack of space, time or funds. Integrative people could pool their efforts to intervene, help each other and stop the unwarranted euthanasia of many animals.


Many of the iPAW people have been or will be approached to utilize their skills or funds to harbor, foster or place, pets in need, who would otherwise be euthanized, due to their unwanted state or poor quality of life.


iPAW has been created to bring together these like-minded souls and capitalize on the groups knowledge base, skill set and fund-raising abilities.

We seek to educate and finance as needed, with the end goal a decrease in unwarranted euthanasia, and an enhancement of quality of life and promotion of animal wellness!


To qualify for inclusion in the iPAW family one must attest to a love of animals and a desire to help with the mission. To qualify for funds dispersal one must demonstrate a need and worthiness as determined by the Board of Directors.


Future intent would be for iPAW to obtain donations to fund speakers and the development of educational resources to further the belief that early animal wellness intervention will improve the quality of life of animals and decrease unwarranted euthanasia. Dr. Jodie’s veterinary practice, Animal Doctor, inc. has maintained a needy colony of cats for decades at her own expense. Future intent is that benefactors would donate through the non-profit status of iPAW. Clinics like Animal Doctor could apply to iPAW for funds to support their special needs clinic pets or individual clients with pets with special needs. These may be one-time or on-going needs.


iPAW screens those who express a need and then match benefactors with worthy recipients. 

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