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N-Trail Mix

Freeze Dried Organ Variety Pack

Furfume and Furfume Fire

Essential Oil Coat Spray for Summer

Dr. Jodie's Natural Pets


Dr. Jodie has made it her mission is to encourage the integration of natural foods and remedies into pet health care. "Too many pets are developing severe allergies and cancer. Their immune systems are severely compromised due to excessive vaccinations, processed food nutrition and toxic environments," she says. She has been speaking to small and large venues to explain this concern and promote her DVD "How to Integrate Green Medicine into Pet Health Care." 



To facilitate this mission she has formulated a unique line of natural pet products. Each product fulfills a needed niche. Dr. Jodie relies on raw diets for food therapy. She needed single source meat protein treats with NO starch. There weren't any; so she decided to formulate her own. The result is D-Lectables!


There are many gaps in the natural pet industry. Dr. Jodie's N-Trail Mix is a delicious blend of crunchy, freeze-dried organ bits which fill a functional food need and delight the most finicky carnivores! Furfume is a 100% essential oil coat spray which pet parents say deters all sorts of insect pests! This product is recommended in lieu of potentially toxic insecticidal topicals. Watch for continued growth in Dr. Jodie's product collection as she develops new ways to meet the needs of dogs and cats and their naturally-minded pet parents.


A portion of all sales from will be donated to iPAW and then distributed to pets in need.

Pugfest 2014

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