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Animal Doctor 

Holistic Veterinary Complex


We believe the best health comes from the integration of western medicine and eastern health practices.  This is why we offer so many services all in one complex.


The health of your pet's mind, body and spirit is influenced by your wellbeing, the health of your pet's environment (external forces including hygiene and nutrition), and genetics. I believe the six most important factors a guardian must provide to achieve maximal quality and longevity of life for his/her pet companion are: unconditional love, safety, exemplary nutrition, abundant exercise, training, and the wellbeing of the guardian's self. 


As a part of our holistic approach, we promote excellent nutrition and believe you get out of your body what you put into it. We have many excellent dietary options, supplements, and other health aides with which we are familiar and trusting of the safety and efficacy.


Seven felines and two canines currently reside at Animal Doctor. Due to their conditions all but one are unadoptable.  

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