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Mork was on “death row” at the old Milwaukee Humane Society when he was rescued. He has had two cancerous tumors removed. He had spondylosis. He ate raw diet and was on a lot of supplements. He was Dr. Jodie's big boy for thirteen years. He was the best ball fetcher ever.  He went swimming in an indoor pool and he was the kitty police in Dr. Jodie's house and at the clinic. He died suddenly due to the rupturing of an internal tumor on Feb. 8, 2012. Dr. Jodie misses him terribly.


Leo was presented for euthanasia due to severe aggression. Leo is a Savannah. He now eats a raw diet and Chinese calming herbs. He has become a lover, but ruins bags of food by biting into them, urinates inappropriately, and ruins many of our cute furnishings. Many people visited the former Animal Doctor Holistic Veterinary Complex just to see Leo! He was unadoptable due to his issues, so when the clinic was sold, the new owner evicted Leo and his friends, Ferty and Jasmine. They were moved to Arizona where Dr. Jodie is now providing for them. Leo has developed some serious eye disease which has caused his right globe to swell and be painful. He is difficult to handle, so his diagnosis is not yet complete, but it has been suggested by a specialist that he needs an enucleation in order to be comfortable. Eyeshine in Arizona is giving a nice discount to iPAW, but the procedure will still cost $2300. Please help raise funds for Leo's care! (2/9/19)





Josie has had severe, persistent facial pruritus. She has received a myriad of diagnostic tests and treatment. Her former guardian relinquished ownership. She has healed completely and is now normal. You can meet her while she is sleeping on the reception counter. She requires special food and a homeopathic to maintain. She is not available for adoption because we fear a relapse and too many employees are in love with her! Unfortunately, Josie passed away August 25, 2012 after discovering an abdominal mass. She is greatly missed by the employees as well as our clients.


Jetson is Dr. Jodie's newest addition. Also on "death row" at the humane society due to perceived aggression. He is quite fearful about being pushed or potentially hit. He is enjoying his fantastic new life. He gets to go sheep herding!


Jasmine is gorgeous and psychotic. She is a typical Bengal, not meant to live indoors, but we love her anyway, and so does Ferty.


Snoopy was presented for euthanasia due to serious allergies. He used to scratch his face raw. He wore an e-collar for three years. He eats raw and is on a lot of supplements. Last summer he developed cataracts and had surgery and now he can see again. He has been Dr. Jodie's special boy for over a decade.


Snoops has severe summer allergies and has had two expensive urinary tract obstructions which caused his former owner to relinquish ownership. This makes him fairly unadoptable. He is on an all wet diet and many supplements to maintain him in a healthy state.

Tigger (Mr. T)

Tigger (Mr.T) was left here by an owner who could not have a cat in her apartment. He was obese. The meat-based diet he now consumes has made him lean! After discovering a colon mass in Tigger, he had surgery to have it removed on October 5, 2012. He bounced back in less then 24hrs and did wonderful for several months. Mr.T passed away and is greatly missed.


Ferty was found in a dumpster at a gas station in Iowa. Thanks to Dr. Jodie's daughter, Lindsay, Ferty is now a permanent Animal Doctor resident. He is a lucky boy. The Animal Doctor staff all help to care for this needy little guy. He had a broken tail and fractured pelvis. The damage associated with this injury has made him unable to urinate or defecate regularly on his own. He has a lot of accidents. So, he lives in our rubber-floored "Cat Camp.


Artie has eosinophic dermatitis, a difficult to manage skin condition. He is a work in progress. 



Molly is a ________

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