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Dr. Jodie said that we should give Sadie a chance after Sadie had been found in the mountains of Kentucky with a bullet hole between her eyes and in her back. Sadie was shot after she had puppies and made it up to a no kill shelter in Wisconsin where I adopted her. No other vet thought that Sadie was worth saving. She was urinary and fecally incontinent and paralyzed. But Dr. Jodie gave Sadie hope and Sadie's new life started.

Through the kindness of everyone at the Animal Doctor, Sadie went through "day care", acupuncture, aqua puncture, laser treatments, physical therapy, a raw diet, plenty of supplements and most of all, love. Sadie is now NOT urinary or fecally incontinent any more, IS mobile and most of all, she is a happy, healthy, amazing creature. Sadie is now known across the US and in 11 countries, she has been on the cover of 2 major newpapers, she is in two 2013 calendars, Sadie has been on two radio shows and more to come, she has 6 personal appearances set up and TV in January of 2012. THANK YOU Dr. Jodie and everyone at the Animal Doctor for caring and loving Sadie the way that you do!

You can find out more about Sadie and her amazing story at

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